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Elaine Vinters

Do you want to feel better and live a healthier lifestyle?
Are you looking for ways of coping with chronic pain, disease, depression, grief, anxiety or stress?
Then try Reiki it a complimentary therapy used to reduce stress and relief symptoms.
Reiki can heal the body, mind and spirit, it has been used in the USA & Canada in hospitals
And is an integrated part of patient care in oncology, cancer patients, While It doesn’t cure it can help patient remain calm and is also useful for family members too
Reiki is very relaxing and is non-invasive, the client lays on a therapeutic couch or sit in a chair, they remain fully clothed and the Reiki therapist will touch their head, knees and feet.  However, if you do not like touch then the Reiki  therapist can do a treatment without touching as Reiki is energy and will go where it is needed.

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