Elaine Vinters

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Elaine Vinters  

Hello, My name is Elaine Vinters I live in Telford now but I was born in Northern Ireland and lived in Canada for many years. I am a fully trained Reiki Master Therapist & teacher, Life Coach and Sign language tutor and mother. My aim is to help people achieve their dreams by giving them the confidence to make them a reality, I do this through life coaching and Reiki which is a form of healing.  I also worked as a Community Organiser in Stirchley where I worked for Citizen engagement Company CIC

My role as a community organiser was to engage, motivate and move people into action to improve their communities and make it a better place to live. I am passionate about working with communities and have decided to start a CIC “Sign Freedom.” This will be launched in August 2015 and was started as I have many links with deaf friends and sign language users who want more accessibility within the Telford and surrounding areas. We feel a need to break down barriers of isolation and communication by bringing the services to the people and making current services more deaf friendly. While raising awareness and educating people in deaf culture and improving peoples wellbeing by building new networks of like minded people, in the hope we unite two worlds both Deaf and hearing.

Since graduating from Wolverhampton University in 2012, where I studied Deaf studies and Social Policy I have gained experience in teaching BSL and Deaf Awareness classes in TCAT and in the community. I feel there is a gap in services here and feel we need to educate people and offer places for people to meet and share their passion, ideas and concerns in their native language whether it be BSL SSE or English.

Since working as a community organiser I have seen how important it is to have a sense of purpose and belonging this has helped break down barriers of isolation and communication and I hope to branch this out all over the Shropshire area.


Reiki Master & Professional Life Coach

Change your thinking & change your life!

Reiki is healing energy that balances your chakras & allows energy to flow.  It helps the body heal itself & can alleviate pain. Reiki can help heal physical, psychological & emotional matters.  Reiki is suitable for all ages both people and pets. 


  • BA Hons degree Deaf Studies & Social Policy
  • Professional Life Coach in personal and business Coaching have a Post graduate certificate in Professional life coaching
  • Diploma in Neuro linguistic practitioner
  • Certificate in CBT
  • Swedish & Indian head massage practitioner
  • Reiki Master teacher & therapist
  • BSL & ASL fluent in sign language
  • Certificate in Further Education teaching
  • Member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy & Enhanced DBS 2015

Areas of Life coaching:

1-1 sessions & workshops for businesses & Taster sessions/courses

Business Coaching                               Confidence & motivation    

Family challenges                               Mental & physical Health

Areas of Life coaching:                               rcukpods

To book your session & receive a free telephone /text consultation call:

Elaine Vinters      reikicoachuk@yahoo.co.uk  07817743481


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