Are you single and want to meet like minded people ?



Speed                         Dating


Single 2 Happiness Dating

Saturday 5th April  8:00 – 10:00 pm

Whitehouse Dugout bar Telford

The Telford Whitehouse Hotel, Watling Street, Telford, TF1 2NJ (Telford football grounds)

Prompt start 8pm be there by 7:45pm

Cost £15 upon booking

Bar open till 11pm

To book your place contact:

Elaine 07817743481 at

improve health and wellbeing



  Reiki coach uk 

Elaine Vinters

242 Burford Telford TF3 1LS

01952 273028       07817743481

Reiki is healing energy that balances your chakras and allows energy to flow.  It helps the body heal itself and can alleviate pain and helps healing physically, psychologically and emotionally.  Reiki is suitable for all ages and both people and pets.  Life coaching and counselling help you to move on in a positive way by teaching tips and techniques useful for daily life.


                                 Treatment can last up to from 30 minutes to 1 hour

Achieve your dreams

Qualified & experienced

Master Reiki Practitioner & Teacher Life Coach & counsellor

Fluent BSL ASL SSE signer deaf clients welcomed

 call for your session and see what Reiki can do for you


why Monday Matters


Why Monday Matters …


I’ve decided to start Monday Matters as I know what it feels like to be isolated, lonely and depressed. The weekends for me seemed to last forever and even though I had children and family around me I still felt alone.

I want Monday Matters to be a place where people can come to have a chat and a cuppa and meet other members of the community.  No matter what your reason is pop in and see what we are about, you might be surprised   ….

I am Elaine Vinters  and I am the organiser of the group and I am a professionally  trained life coach and Reiki therapist … Let’s See what we can do to help each other 1 day at a time


We meet every week at Sure start building at Windmill School but on the 10th of March we will be meeting at Sanbrook centre

 2-4pm then the week after back at Sure start see you there xx


Baby Sign

baby sign, sign language

Why use baby sign?


My baby understanding what I’m saying & thinking


My baby understanding me


Reducing frustration & crying


Increasing bond between me and my baby


Developing grounding for future communication

Since 1987 I have taught Baby Sign in Canada and in 2002 I brought the first Baby sign using British Sign Language to the UK.  I offer 1-1 or small groups sessions as I find parent benefit more from smaller groups and classes can be modified to suit each parent’s needs.  My background is special needs education and I am fluent in BSL, ASL and Makaton. 

My company Sign Shropshire has been in business since 2002 and has been on BBC tv, Shropshire radio and taught parents throughout the UK and Canada. 

We now offer Baby Sign dvds for £20 including delivery


For more info contact Elaine on 

elainevinters@wordpress or    Or call /text 07817743481

Other courses and dvds available :  all dvds include booklets for £20 in p&p in UK

Baby sign beginners, intermediate & advanced & Baby sign songs

BSL basics, intermediate & advanced

ASL basics intermediate & advanced

Deaf awareness  & Communication tactics           Enjoy your new language and have fun!

                       Reiki coach UK  

Free reiki session Friday 7th feb 12-4pm

At smart recovery wellington

Qualified & experienced Master Reiki Practitioner & Life Coach & NLP

Fluent BSL ASL SSE signer deaf clients welcomed



Reiki is healing energy that is suitable for all ages and both people and pets.  Each treatment can last up to 1 hr.  

Benefits of Reiki :

–          Everyone can benefit from Reiki

–          Depression, fertility and fears and addictions

–          It can help with pain, grief, health issues

–          Changes in life, moving, career, adoption etc…

–          No matter what your concern come and see what Reiki can do for you.

“Reiki helped me to overcome a childhood trauma”  JW

“since reiki I am now able to grieve for my mother who passed suddenly”    DB